“I really appreciated Clint’s thoughtful approach to creating a safe space for my colleagues and I to learn about mental health and self-care. Based on my own journey with mental health and self-care I understand the great value in having opportunities like these to learn new things or simply remind oneself to ‘take care’. With that being said I feel that Clint’s workshops would be beneficial for any team, organization, business or individual invested in contributing to long-lasting positive change in their communities. Clint, your words and wisdom contributed to our team in a very meaningful way. Thank you very much for that and for keeping it ‘real’.”  Stefaun

“As an organization that has prided itself on being a safe place, has received an award for mental health workplace excellence and is known to be an awesome place to work, I am in awe of the impact that the Mental Health Sessions have had.  Clints calming and relaxed approach has made talking about mental health, personal struggles and vulnerability safe and comforting.  The way the Clint communicates his knowledge is humbling, he reaches people in a way that they can understand and connect with.  Clint, you are truly a helper, there is no hesitation in you when it comes to helping others, you have a kind heart and a giving soul.  Your influence extends beyond what you can see and makes our world a better place. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!“ 

Cassaundra, BGC Saskatoon

“Knowing that I am able to have access to professional mental health support QUICKLY has made a huge impact on my overall health. I can experience physical pain and distress from my emotional/mental health obstacles and having the tools to help navigate these painful times has brought me authentic moments of calm and clarity.  I know that hard work pays off and that I’m going to keep experiencing success the more I practice using these tools however it all started with an approachable funny Ukrainian named Clint 😊 Males in powerful roles have always been triggering for me and Clint took an approach that made me feel safe. Thank you, Clint!” 


" Our team organized a private dinner for the family of the Humboldt Bronco’s before the Benefit Concert in April 2018.  As part of the evening, we had many members from the NHL Alumni meet the families at this function. It was a heart wrenching time and a concern from the Alumni was, they wanted some guidance on what to say to the grieving families.  We were fortunate to have Clint volunteer his time and come speak to our group on grief and provide much needed support for all involved.  His background in sports & mental health counselling was well received and we appreciate his contributions."

Kelly Chase - Owner SPARK Creations & Bookings


"Serious Academy of Hockey has been involved with Clint Moroz and THE SHIFT Counselling Services. Clint exceeded our expectations with his presentations. Clint's approach, knowledge, and communication skills had our student athletes engaged and excited to learn about the pressures that they will or have been faced with. Serious Academy of Hockey would recommend Clint for any team, group, family, or individual that is looking for clarity on today's stressors that effect us."

Randy Smith & Dave Chartier - Serious Academy of Hockey

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