Services For Businesses:

The Shift Counselling Services knows that workplace mental health is integral to a business’s success.  Businesses are reliant upon individuals who are healthy, mind & body. Clint has recently shifted into providing services to non-profits and businesses. An investment in mental health will increase staff wellness, retention, productivity, and engagement. Taking care of your employees' wellness, through a proven and credible model, will increase your businesses bottom line.   Businesses and their employees:

  • are provided a platform to express themselves and communicate about mental health & wellness

  • begin to utilize strategies to manage their mental health & wellness

  • demonstrate more engagement, higher productivity, and greater retention

  • are appreciative of an open workplace culture and climate related to all thing’s mental health & wellness

  • feel more connected to their colleagues because of common understandings, language, and awareness

  • will reach out and pursue professional counselling services because of their direct connection to The Shift


Services Offered:

Group Mental Health Sessions

Based on your business’s unique needs, The Shift Counselling Services can tailor any and all sessions to either your executive level team or to your entire team. The Shift Counselling Services understands that each business, their employees, and the challenges they face, are unique.  The Shift can customize sessions to meet the needs of your business and ensure a safe, professional, and quality experience for you and your employees. 

Here is a list of sessions currently offered by The Shift.  Each session can be in person or online and both options will provide participants with an online, anonymous platform, where they can share comments, questions, and concerns.  If you don’t see a session you would like, Clint will work with you to provide it.


Anxiety & Mood Intro: The top 2 areas of need, globally, with respect to wellness and mental health are anxiety and mood.  Clint will explore the origins and function of anxiety, how it plays a role in our lives and how we can manage it better. With respect to mood, Clint will present a list of empirically researched strategies that have been proven to enhance and maintain optimal levels of mood.

Anxiety & Mood 2nd session: More in depth information on anxiety, mood, and the connection to uncertainties and unknowns.  After the intro session, participants will be able to decide what further information they would like through Slido (anonymous platform).

Vibe in the Workplace: Living during and after the COVID experience has intensified anxiety triggers and has had a negative affect on many individuals’ moods.  Creating a positive vibe in the workplace is a piece that we have control over. Focusing on areas that we can influence, such as, verbal and non-verbal interpersonal communication skills, will be addressed. This session will help to build a positive and healthy work culture for your team.


Navigating Trauma: Anyone who experiences any type of significant trauma is changed mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Understanding through the lens of trauma informed intervention is time well spent. 

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention: Based on the Crisis Prevention Institute’s international training model, Clint offers group training sessions on the non-violent crisis intervention model and processes. This training is perfect for anyone involved in human services, who directly intervene in crisis situations.


Counselling Micro Skills: Clint’s advanced, Masters Level Training, has provided him with a professional skill set in the area of interpersonal, social and communication dynamics.  Clint will share his knowledge on such skills as Attending, Rapport Building, Reflecting & Paraphrasing, Questioning, and Summarizing.


Positive Psychology/Strength Based Approach Awareness Training: Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.  Clint will share the base concepts and processes connected to the positive psychology model.


Extra Value-Added Services:

In House Counsellor For A Day: Clint will come to your place of business and be available to any and all employees for confidential, professional counselling services.  This service can be offered on a consistent basis (once per month) or on a business’s unique needs basis. 

Critical Incident/Accident Supports & Debriefing: Clint offers direct, face to face, in person, at your place of business, professional counselling services, to address any needs connected to a workplace critical incident/accident. 

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