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Clint Moroz is the sole proprietor and owner of The Shift Counselling Services.  The Shift Counselling Services was started in 2015.  After 20 years of classroom teaching, Clint was drawn to wanting to help others with their mental health & wellness needs.  Clint’s ability to form connections with others, combined with his vast experience, knowledge base, and skill set led him towards the creation of The Shift. 

Clint pursues his passion of helping and supporting others because of his steadfast belief that we are all called to help one another whatever that means within each individual’s circumstances and realities. 

So why… The Shift??  In his own words, here is how The Shift was named…

“It was a meeting of the minds between friends and family. I wanted a title or concept that would pay respect to numerous entities. I wanted to help others move away from suffering to wellness, from angst to peace & contentment, and from unhealthy to healthy habits.

The Shift resonated with me because of my athletic history. I wanted to have some connection to the culture of, the reality of, elite athletes and the world of athletics. We work hard and we rest. Each individual/line on a team takes a shift to do hard work. While the hard work is being done, others rest and breathe. Success comes from the balance between the work and the rest. The individual shifts that are taken make the most profound difference; they shift you closer to the change you are looking for.

I believe that we all want and need to shift within our thought processes, belief systems, perspectives, and habits, at different times in our lives. Out of this conversation came The Shift...

Its hard to shift on your own, it is really hard work, and you don't have to be alone during your shift. When people shift, they move towards the best versions of themselves. It is my honour and privilege to help others shift to where they want and need to go.”


Clint Moroz

B. Ed., Spec. Ed., M.C., CCC

Clint is a registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). Clint divides his time between school-based counselling and his private practice office in downtown Saskatoon. Clint’s private practice is The Shift, located at 267 3rd Ave South, and The Shift website address is theshiftonline.ca

Clint spent 20 years as a classroom teacher within Saskatoon, before transitioning into the counselling and psychotherapy role. He brings forth and shares his background in; high level, elite athletics (U of S Huskie Hockey Alumnus), experience as a teacher and Special Education, instructor training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, and parent of two sons, to help support individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, businesses, and sports teams, in the areas of mental health and wellness.

Some areas that Clint supports others with, include – Anxiety, Mood (depression, anger), Grief and Loss, Trauma, Separation and Divorce, School-Based, Family Dynamics, Sport Psychology and Performance.


Clint is pleased to offer any of his services via numerous ways and platforms, including – face to face at his Saskatoon office, walk and talk sessions on Saskatoon’s bridges and river valley, online video sessions, phone calls, and house calls as well.

Clint provides a high level of professionalism, experience, knowledge, compassion, and empathy for all who have the opportunity to connect with him.  He provides a confidential, safe, collaborative and client centred experience for all.  Clint’s approach in working with others is based in positive psychology model which is solution focused and strength based.

The Shift

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